Tuesday, August 28, 2007

#23 Woohoo!

Very interesting. Time well spent. I've discovered many new things.

I've incorporated LibraryThing into my routine- I think this is a great way to keep track of what I've read. I've also found the suggestions for other books to read pretty good.

I don't remember to use my bloglines, but when I do remember, the feeds are interesting.

I thought I would use some of the 23 Things exercises on the teen myspace I'm trying to maintain, but am discouraged with the myspace because the only people that seem to look at the space are YA authors or other teen librarians.

The use of Wiki's seems to be unbounded in the library world. There is so much to share, I hope we can use this to get info out.

But the biggest thing I've learned from the 23 things is that there isn't enough time!

I think a classroon environment might be better- at least for the first few exercises. People that aren't comfortable using the internet seem to have gotten stuck at the beginning and gave up at the start.

I would definately like to participate in any online learning offered. I find it stimulating.

#22 eBooks

We have access to Overdrive through Maryland's Digital elibrary. This has been getting alot of use at my house. My husband has a long commute, and has had required reading for work. He discovered that he could download audio ebooks and burn them to CD so he can get his reading done while driving. I, too, listen to audio books while working at home, and have found several titles not available in audio at WCFL. Kabul Beauty School is the latest. The biggest drawback is that you have to wait for your 3 week checkout to expire before getting a replacement- there is no way to check the book back in. I'm curious how copyright protection works with this.

#21 Podcasts

The world of podcasting is completely new to me. It is possible to be in meetings, classes, workshops 24 hour a day! The biggest drawback to watching archived podcasts is the time they take to download. I haven't had the chance to watch a live podcast yet. I am also having trouble keeping up with my bloglines!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

#20 YouTube

I've had some experience with YouTube. I use it to fing PSA's for teen pregnancy prevention to use on the myspace page I maintain for the library. I am impressed by how easy it is to use. Here's something a bit different. I'd like to learn how to play the hammer dulcimer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

#19 Web 2.0 award sites

I looked at the retail award sites: threadless.com (a t-shirt company), etsy.com (hand-crafted items), and wipbox.com (info for selling items on ebay or craigslist). I've run across etsy before, but the other sites were new to me. All the sites were easy to use. The threadless user interface was different, but still easy. I liked the fact that threadless uses real-life photos submitted by customers for their catalog.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

#18 Zoho and Google Docs

I have no idea what I did to make Zoho publish this test file to here!! It didn't work at first so I opened a new window and logged on to Blogspot. It still didn't seem to work, so I saved the Zoho document and retried- Then suddenly "MP's 23 Things" appeared in a box and here it is! More magic!!

I just created a test doc in Google Docs. Now I'm trying out Zoho. Zoho looks a lot more like the old Word I'm used to but with HTML buttons. Here is the anchor.

How about fonts? Bigger selection than with Google Docs, but I'm not sure how to get back to Verdana since it isn't on the font list. This is a bit irritating.

When I ran spell check, I lost my blank line between paragraphs!

Here is a bullet list:

  • one
  • two
  • three

Now I'll try the spell check thing again. Ooops. Lost some more blank lines.x433cccc super and subscripts sort of cool.


Friday, August 10, 2007

#17 The Sandbox

Well, I discovered there are several knitters that work at the Maryland libraries, and yes, sometimes I'd rather be knitting. I found the sandbox really disorganized and confusing- I guess that's part of the lesson.